What happend to Blender 101?

There was this Blender 101 project but it havent been no news for a while.

A few of the concepts such as scale-cages and templates are in 2.8 right now, but there is no specific mode that turns Blender into a super-easy, yet limited app. for beginners.

it’s split in 2 project : the template system allow more customization of blender , think of it like addons on steroid. This allow to customize blender to do a particular task , like a stripped down blender for education purpose.
And making and release actual templates.

The first one is implemented , and the second… I guess BF don’t have time to provide special templates for now. So the system is in place, but for now it’s in the hand of the community to provide 101 templates, or other stuff like the blender pro template …

Oh, nice :slight_smile: