What happend to the tile-compositor

Does anyboday knows whats going on with the development of the new compositor?
The last report on the webpage (http://ocl.atmind.nl/doku.php) is from July.

It´s a bit pity that as long as money was collected, there were new reports
but now it´s a little bit silence.

Please, Jeroen tell us what´s up.
We are all waiting desperately for a fast copmositor!

he showcased [at bconf’11] the redesigned source code for the tile-compositor (CPU mode only) but it was still crazy much faster than the current code.

the tile- thing is basically to prepare it for OpenCL to run GPUPU + CPU.

AFAIK, it’s currently in process of rewriting all nodes to the new node code.

would be cool if some code-run for this to convert hte nodes could happen then jbakker could return to OpenCL-ify the engine.

but agree +1 , bump. and maybe a update on the current situation on http://code.blender.org/ would be sweet!

From what I’ve read they (a few developers) are in the process of converting nodes from the current compositing system to the new tile-based system, I do believe ATmind is seeking help for this.

I think after the nodes have been converted that it’s actually ready, or nearly ready to be brought into trunk.

So yes, in reply to the original post, there has definitely been activity since then.

EDIT: A message from the mailing list regarding the tile branch, dated 3rd January. So it’s still being worked on, it’s sometimes hard finding information about development; http://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2012-January/034954.html

After some search I found this side in the wiki. It shows the status of converting nodes:


But if I understand the history right, it was changed 6th of December last time.
Hope the some devs join the converting.

Does anyone know if Jeroen is still raising funds for this? From his website:


… it looks like he still needs $5k before starting the node migration, but by the looks of Idur’s link above, developers have started working on this already…

The old compositor is really crippling me at the minute, have 2 computers only using about 10% of their processor power on a render that is going to take 25 hours… Will be happy to donate if it helps…

I believe the Blender Foundation paid off the rest of his target, or at least contributed quite a bit of money towards development.

I haven’t heard much news lately, there are some bits of information on the mailing list about Jeroen asking for help converting nodes though, I think anyway.

I’m pretty sure the new compositor is a huge focus of Mango, so I wouln’t be suprised if it showed up within the next month or two…

I actually don’t know anything on this topic, but it does seem likely.

I thought the Blender Foundation might have handed over a bit of money to get it wrapped up, I read that the current compositor was a big problem in the project Mango test film. Really hoping it does show up in trunk soon, tried a test build today, was lightening fast, but none of the nodes I needed had been implemented (probably why it was lightening fast).

Thanks for the info chaps, can’t wait till this is complete, it’s so badly needed…

I believe after a bit of gentle pressure the work was moved to a branch on the blender.org svn server where work may or may not be continuing – haven’t really been following commit messages so don’t honestly know.

Eh, looks like the last commit was a couple days ago so…

Thanks Uncle, the compositor is one of the last hurdles with Blender for me at the minute so it’s good to hear that the new compositor is still alive and in development. Hopefully Mango will be enough of an incentive to get it up and running asap…