What happened to 64 bit version?

Hi, I wanted to know about the 64 bit optimized compile, in some thread there was a link to a list of optimized compiles, but there wasn’t 64 bit optimized.
some months ago there was a buggy one in blender3d.org download area, so… I’d like to know what happened to this

From what I understand, 64bit isn’t the magical solution to everything.

  1. it’s going to require some re-tweaking of the code.
  2. the memory usage will be 30-50% higher.
  3. files saved under 64bit can’t be opened in 32bit blender.

Sorry I didn’t really answer your question, but I think multi-threading should take priority over 64bit.

i recently read, that matt ebb and ton are planning to to that… maybe i read it on matts blog…?

I find this a bit confusing, there is nothing to suggest that the blender I’m using has been compiled in anything other than 64 bit mode, theres no -m32 in the gcc line whilst compiling and it [isn’t linked to|doesn’t depend on] any of the 32bit compatability libraries I have, yet it compiles with nothing more than the odd gcc warning. Also many of my blend files are regularly shared, and some worked on with the laptop (i686), and I’ve never had any trouble.

There is no reason that a file made by a 64 bits can’t be openned by a 32. Both are just writing bytes and reading bytes whe the file is opened, be it 64, 32, 16 or 8 bits.

www.blenderbuilds.com doesnt have it??

That’s correct, but it depends on the code. For example, if the code assumes the native platform it is compiled for uses 32 bit integers, you might have some serious problems in data types on a 64-bit compile. Because you assume that, when you read an integer, it will be 64-bit, you get all kinds of warped results.

It shouldn’t be, and I think Blender is rather good on that point, given its cross-platform nature. But one needs to be certain…

Could 64-bit help in the rendering of images?

I dont think there is any need for the file to be written 64bit because there is unlikely to be any scene data that would need 64bits; the 64bit width is used mainly when rendering, for memory addressing purposes…

…but please correct me if I am wrong…

nop, I´ve already have searched for that, they have a 32 bit version for amd 64, anyway, I guess It´ll have to wait


Yup, The 64-bit systems basically offer you the ability to address more virtual memory than is currently addressed by a 32-bit system (4GB vs. 16 EB or 4 billion times more memory). I said virtual memory because that is what the working area of the OS is using and physical RAM is usually always smaller than virtual memory.

As far as files go, you can pack the information in a file anyway you want; whether it is in 8-bit chunks, 16-bit chunks, 64-bit chunks or 32-bit chunks or you can compress it. It doesn’t really matter because the source code can be written to handle these. Its how to interpret the data on different systems that poses issues in software development.


a half year ago i tried the 64 Bit Ubuntu-Linux Version of Blender. On my 2 prozessor machine it ran nearly double as fast as the 32 bit version.

This is the other issue that most people don’t understand. The AMD64 arch has over twice as many registers as the x86 arch does. This can give a 2x speed-up in some (most) cases. Not to mention that it has twice as many mmx/sse registers which on optimized builds can really speed things up (think a whole 4x4x128bit matrix in the registers at one time).

That being said, there are some issues with going from 32-bit to 64-bit. But I thought we’d had 64bit Irix versions for years…or not?

Not me by a long shot, I don’t know anything about that stuff :slight_smile: But to clarify, what I wrote on my blog is that since Mac OS X 10.5 will be fully 64-bit enabled, it means that when it’s released, Ton will be able to install it on his G5 and eventually do the work that’s necessary to make Blender fully 64-bit safe. From what I can gather, this sort of work is something that is best for Ton to do, since it involves some very deep tweaking in the internals of Blender, that he understands better than any other developer. So my estimate is that any ‘official’ 64-bit work won’t happen until after OS X 10.5 is released.

Hi Broken, thanks for the answer, that´s what I wanted to know

Anyone remember Blender on Alpha? That was a 64-bit build…