What happened to Art for Code site?

The site’s been sabotaged. There is no one concerned? :no:


I’ve gone in and fixed it. Apologies on the delay - I’ve been busy with my family (school holidays and four children + standard work).

Art For Code is not dead, but that said it is not highly active at the moment. Perhaps when things settle down with Blender (frankly - no changes made on the site will make it into the next release of Blender so even with high involvement there wouldn’t be much immediate work).

I’m looking at ways to make the site both more secure (we’ve been hit by spammers a few times now) and more automatic (e.g. people getting emails when there is activity on their bounty/incentive). Currently slightly over committed so haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Well the latest blog post is again spam and the comments are littered with the same.