What happened to Blender?

I use Blender 2.34 on a Debian unstable box with KDE 3.3 and apt-get update nightly.

Blender recently began display strange, “blocky” behavior. The cursor in Blender would not smoothly transition as I moved the mouse. Inverted blocks of color would follow the cursor on the screen and when clicking through menus.

The program is useless in this mode.

I never had problems previously, however I recently updated KDE from 2.3.2 to 3.3 and believe the cause to be a problem in the underlying libraries. Perhaps a different window manager will solve my problem. I am cross-posting this to debian-kde and Elysiun.

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do you have cursor shadows enabled?
[read the “Things to try to make blender work correctly” thread for how to disable them]

[I haven’t tried blender in kde 3.3 so it is the first thing I can think of]

I use Blender 2.34 on a Debian unstable box with KDE 3.3 and apt-get update nightly.

I run the same here and it works fine. I would try reinstalling the video drivers first and then maybe a different kernel (I use 2.6.4 with nvidia drivers). Beyond that I don’t know what it could be.


so is it a binary you downloaded or did you compile it yourself?

I installed Blender via apt-get which pulls the package from the global apt repository.

Does that answer your question?

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I was running kernel 2.6.5 when I did the majority of the Blender tasks. Recently I switched to and the video strangeness began.

I will examine the kernel video settings and recompile the kernel.

Thanks for the idea!


When you upgraded KDE, did your X config file change?

Generic Advice: Don’t use cursor shadows. Use hardware cursor instead of software cursor ( sw_cursor).

I wanted to express my appreciation for the good advice. I reset my mouse to use the standard X cursors (no drop shadow) and every returned to normality!

Thanks, Bob