What Happened To Blender?


I have to admit, I’ve been using the same version of Blender for years now, (embarrassed…) and I finally decided I ought to go download the latest version. So I did… (Blender 2.49a installer), did the set up wizard, and then, when I tried to open Blender, it says: “This application failed to initialize properly”.

Perhaps it somthing obvious, the old version didn’t uninstall or something…

Anyway, thanks for any help.


I think you need something like this :
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

more details, system, winows/mac/linux and stuff, so we know were to start

There is only one installer for download (Win32) . Funny it does not say that it needs redistributable packages. It was like that for quite a while. ( No extras needed )
Now i just installed from that download and did a dependency walk.
This way i found the the new python26.dll wants to have MSVCR90.DLL which is the c run time module for VC2008.
jawra is right then, just pick it from the MS page his link points to.