What happened to Blenderman?

I tried getting to the blenderman website by typing it in the address bar, and when it didn’t work I tried the link at the blender website. That didn’t work either! I would like to know what happened to this website, and if it’s coming back.

they are undergoing a big remake.

just give them a few weeks.


Actually we aren’t. We have suffered a major crash. We are examining the disaster to see what can be salvaged. Please be patient with us as we figure this out.
blenderman site manager

Yeah, I noticed it already for a few days, I was trying to upload something, then I disconnected, reconnected and tryed to upload but the connecting couldn’t be made.

Now I’m not sure if I caused the crash, because I used ftp acces first time on windows using the desktop enviroment, and the 2th time I used a python script I made to do a quick upload. It auto logs in, uploads a file and disconnect. And when I tried it connected but didn’t upload, then sayd error which I coded as connection lost. :-?\

Let me know what happened.

jd you didn’t crash the site :smiley:

the site has been having some problems for a while now. We just didn’t realize it was that unstable.

why aren’t we just scrapping it all and restarting again? I would think it so much easier - it’ll take about two weeks to make a new theme and then a month or so to reupload all the content but atleast it would all be new, bug free, and up to date without all of those crazy code problems - its a shame we didn’t find out about the “coder” before he screwed things up - let me know if you need help - i’ll be in the blenderman irc channel for a while today and i’ll check in every once in a while till it gets fixed - you have my email address too…

daniel (Prince)
Blenderman Admin

I hope it’s up soon. I’m an admin as well, and I was a little worried when I didn’t get an update. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well 2 weeks for a theme and 1 month for reuploading the content. I’m working on a project now for a big website, but making a theme that’s bugless and compatible in all browser and looking cool takes more time. :smiley:

If you need a little help with css and html, I could help, maybe I can design a theme or something. :slight_smile:

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I kept hoping it was just a glitch. But blenderman appears to be gone for good.

I can’t get into any part of the site, control panel or ftp accounts. I have been unable to contact patrick (the site owner) and our server company won’t discuss any details of the account with me even though I was authorised to do so. They told me to discuss it with patrick.

former site manager

:Artofwot does that loooong drawn out “Nooooooooooo” from Star Wars:





I hope you figure out something.

:: repeats art

did you read any of those letters i had you forward to patrick sandy? - i told him that our site was doomed and we needed a new “safety” account for such occasions - i actually got a “access denied by secure admin” splash but when i tried to reload i got nothing - not even a 404!

so does this mean that you would like to help a new site i’m starting called Weekend Blend - same benefits and pay - lol! Let me know - i’ll need someone to do - well, what you did while on BlenderMan! Basically we’ll have as many contests and content that people who love blender but find them selves short on time can participate with - it’ll be the rebirth of the Blender Design Studios website - I’m working with GoDaddy to get a domain name and sponsor and with Hostmatrix to get a bigger package - Monsterweb considered some space too - I also have a friend who has a server and is willing to host locally - I’ll be running Mambo (we hate phpNuke now don’t we lol) so it’ll be top notch proffessional looking - mayb even better then BlenderMan!?

if you’re interested email me - I’ll be looking for other Once BlenderMan admins to help out as moderators too!

weekendblend (at) gmail.com

for now…

:: sighs one last goodbye to BlenderMan - sorry DreamsGate! I know it meant alot to you as it did to alot of users - hopefully we will see the rebirth in a new site!

keep putting on your game face,


Thats, BAD BAD.
I hope atleast we should have some form of comminucation with Patrick, may be last but!

You mean good forever that we don’t see any blenderman.org, or good forever to the old content? and making now a new one?
Would be sad to see it totally gone :frowning:

Prince, well Blender battles does weekend stuff. so if the site is just about contests then why not redirect the traffic to an exisitng site?

i’ve had the site up for a few weeks under a year now.

tell me what competitions were being run and i will be able to add them.


Well it is sad to see that blenderman is gone. (i had some works there) Sandy did her best and i blame Patrick for the collapse of the site. I don’t think it is a server issue or a virus crash. I think it more or less has to do with payment of fees. I think Patrick cannot afford to pay the hosting fees and he probably has fallen behind and the company has decided to pull the plug. (if i were a company i would do the same). By the way, Patrick has not responded to anybody or defended his actions. He seems to have put the past behind him and is moving forward. Thats cowardly behaviour to me. I was looking forward to a magazine. I hope the Elysuin and the Blender community carry on from Blenderman and produce a good magazine.

RIP Blenderman :frowning:

Why RIP Blenderman? Soon I’m getting a server and domain name for only 50 euro’s a year. I pay 14 or 8 euro for a .nl, .com, .org, .eu domain, and 2.50 euro for a 30GB bandwidth and 3 gig space. I also can get a server for 1 euro without any bandwidth, but it has only 20 mb space which I hope I can extend if I mail the provider to sponsor me. :smiley:

But a good domain isn’t that much money, and if you have a team of 5 people working on blenderman.org, well devide the ammount of costs and let each one pay a part. :slight_smile:

Why not extend on the new Elysiun instead? A centralized solution that merges the benefits of the two sites would be the best solution, IMO. In the past, Elysiun has had the most active messageboard, while Blenderman had tutorials and models as its prime asset. Why split the resources on two sites?

I think you are jumping to the conclusions here. Why is partick to be blamed?? I am sure he have reasons, I didnt want to write this but your post is getting pretty nasty. Last I knew he was in ‘bad health’. And it was not just for few days, it was going on for quite more than that.

I dont want to divulge into details but it should be suffecient for you to know that, if some one does or cannot reply is isint a cowerdly behaviour, and how can you forget the time the site was running and providing you with lots of resources??

Regard less of what happens to blenderman we should be thankful to his efforts.

No I said its bad that we might not be seeing blenderman. If some thing stops the whole world does not!!

Me along with Sandy have been designing a format for a blender magazine for some time now. We have plans nearly ready for a PDF bimonthly magazine. And I am also going to get a domain name for that.

To assert that my only aim is to produce a magazine and none other. I will be announcing more information on it some time later.

Why is partick to be blamed?? I am sure he have reasons, I didnt want to write this but your post is getting pretty nasty. Last I knew he was in ‘bad health’. And it was not just for few days, it was going on for quite more than that

My apologies if Patrick is/was sick. I hope he getters better soon. I still think he should have told users (including sandy and the admins) what was wrong. Good luck with the mag.