What happened to fracturing add-on ?

There was an add-on / branch with fracturing, where fractured fragments had UVs preserved and received UV map to the inner side of the fragments, with automatic materials assignment; etc.

What happened to it?

You need to enable cell fracture in user preferences/addons and then read up on it it works very well but you need to know something about the controls. Some excellent video tutorials on it.

Oh, so it made it into official release after all! I gotta check it out.

Do you have any link to tutorials about it handy? Thanks!

Cg cookie have a very nice tut on it, where they smash a tea cup :smiley:

I made a fairly comprehensive set of tutorials (most things will work the same, but a couple settings have changed and a few annoyances were fixed) on the subject.

A good one, thanks!

The core issue is that Cell Fracture doesn’t UV map the inner side of shards :frowning: Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Otherwise it’s unusable for my purposes :frowning:

EDIT: Those videos have no sound o.O