What happened to my Icosphere?


what happened to my Icosphere? It is from trunk, built 20 minutes ago, and created from factory default file. It looks awful. It happens on all subdivision levels. It crashes quite often. Steps to recreate (hopefully):

  1. open Blender (maybe build from trunk before)
  2. File>Load Factory Settings
  3. shift+a>mesh>Icosphere
  4. crank up subdivision levels as you want.
  5. Be sad about the crippled icosphere :smiley:
    In case you dont want to recreate it, here is the default icosphere at level 4:

    Thanks in advance,

yep, there is definately something abnormal about that icosphere. I tried to repeat it in 2.63rc1 windows but mine came out normal. I would submit it as a bug report.


I am getting this issue also with Blender SVN Build 45874.

Definitively a problem, the icosphere looks strange in the latest win32 revision from the buildbot.
Submitted the bug to the tracker with a link to this thread :

Thank you two (Sanctuary and ideasman) for returning my loved icosphere to me :stuck_out_tongue: