what happened to my little scene? 3d view gone wacky.

Ok, I am learning blender bit by bit in my free time. I have made some simple models and I decided it was time to make a more complex scene. I put together my little row of garages and along the way my 3d view window changed… the light seems to be the only light on the modeling view. What did I do? I have been searching for a solution before I bug you all with this. I would attach my file but it’s too big.

Also, when I render this scene, the texture applied to the interior of the sky dome does not show up. I am confused why this is happening as well. I am pretty sure i switched the normal for this object around. Any ideas?

5667 <---- paste all location for my file

By the way… my file for you pick apart and thanks in advance. I really want to learn this program.