What happened to my text?

So, I upgraded to 2.71 and now my text objects can only be viewed by either looking at it from the bottom or by selecting it. I don’t know what happened! I tried going back to 2.70 and it didn’t help. Any suggestions?

flipped normals?

I thought about that but I just wondered how it could happen to all my text objects. How would I even flip them back? Going into edit mode on a text object edits the text making it so I can’t reflip them. Or maybe I can…

EDIT: I fixed it by turning off backface culling in the shading settings. How odd. When playing the text always showed up fine, so it wasn’t much of a problem, but it made editing a pain. I guess backface culling stays off.

That doesn’t sound right. The material’s not Halo or Billboard enabled, is it? Halo was changed between 2.7 and 2.71 to ensure that objects need to face +X to face the camera correctly.

I don’t have materials on them… :spin: So confusing.

Could you post a blend file with one of the text objects isolated?

Well I have it solved now so I don’t really care. :spin: I mean, if you really want. Just hang on a sec and let me prepare the blend.

EDIT: untitled.blend (1.41 MB)