What happened to my texture??

So, I texture painted my texture onto my character, it was looking good, so I saved the file and and closed blender to work on another character, But when I reopened the the file, my character is completely black! I went to the image editor to check out whats going on, and the image map is completely black as well! The preview icon still shows the image though, but the image itself isn’t showing…Please help?

Did you save your image texture before saving and closing blender ? Sounds like you didn’t. If so you’ll have to start again, there is no way to get that texture back.

Ok, but I still don’t get why the preview icon would still preview the image that I created…When I painted over the black image and then save the blend file and reopen, the black image appears, but the original texture that I painted is still previewed :O. Thats really what boggles me. The image is packed, I just dont know why is totally black

If it’s totally black, it’s an unpainted texture. If you didn’t save the image texture it does not exist, no matter what icon it may show.

Ok, so saving the image is the same as packing it? If not how do I save the image?

After ur done texture painting in the UV window click on the “image” menu option at the bottom and select save as image or something. It’s not the same as packing it, in that it doesn’t store the image with the .blend, but it will have a link to it on your hard drive which is what I think you meant anyway. I’ve never packed an image so I’m not sure how that’s done. The only reason to pack an image is if you plan on taking your .blend to another computer or you think you might delete or move the linked image on ur hard drive.

A ok, thanks