What happened to Noel-3D Blender's YouTube channel?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know what happened to Noel-3D Blender’s YouTube channel?

This was such a good ArchViz resource for blender

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Possible reasons:

Suggested solutions:

  • Noel3D has a patreon page. Benefits include perks in his Discord server (probably a patreon role). I couldn’t find an invite to the Discord outside of the patreon, but it’s possible he did in the description of his YouTube videos, and now they’re gone, but quite possible still available via patreon donations. If you’re willing to donate some money, you might be able to contact him through Discord. And there’s also the email listed on his YouTube channel.

Thanx for the reply

I found both his mail and Patreon.
Let’s hope he replies

The Mac is Back!!:

We all better support this guy!! His videos are priceless!!!


Though about the licencing and policy terms we can’t argue about.

The digital footprint thinking is also legit idea, that supposed to protect the environment.

But think that someone deletes potentially practical videos (at at least you can replicate some knowledge you earn), also in some aspect have a hitorical sense (that say for example in 2040 you would like to see how things looked in 2020 or so).

So for example one potentially practical video, you get an equivalent of 100.000 real junk videos (fun meme / cryptotrading / gamestreams / etc) that are meant for rapid consumption and to be thrown after use.

This is what is bogging me only, within the thinking of the so called “reduction of digital footprint” and so.

You’re going to have to explain what you man in more detail.
I can’t follow what you are trying to say. Did you use a translator app?

As for example, if you delete 100 MrBeast videos, I find it really good for the digital footprint. Since this content is something like see-once-then-forget.

But on the other hand if you have a tutorial such as creating a matcap in blender, or making a transparent texture. These types of videos are something like Wikipedia, that need to be placed in a vault in antarctica. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, his channel is down again!
I think he’s having troubles with the channels again as he explained.

Except for now both channels are completely gone!

I’ll keep you all posted.

Totaly agree!

He’s back again!

Here’s his new channel:

one of his videos:

I think he’s still re-uploading everything

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