What happened to render branch

I just opened old file in new build from loopduplicate - rev 31040 and render time jumped from
1:20 sec to 5:30.
What the hell? I compared render results and they are different - especially in bounced light areas. New one looks better but 4x longer time! What happened?

not ready for prime time?

Is there a web page or blog link where brecht is describing his progress and sharing his reasoning on the development of the shader/render refactor by any chance? The only recent one I found was here, and it seems a bit out of date now… and not really that great in communicating his thots and hopes with this effort. TIA!


Yeah, not sure what happened. I just built from svn. If I can make it faster, I can’t even post a build because graphicall.org is no more. Well, it’s there but there are gaping holes in its security so I won’t dare to login ever again. Can’t say exactly why in case someone else exploits the holes I would point out.

is anybody going to correct this graphical org
or may be make a new site where we can download safely ?


are you going to povide other built somwhere else so w can download ?





Thx, very interesting, ready for 2.6 …
Was searching for the “shading recode” in the wiki, and couldn’t find it …

Warping and stencils in the texture stack. :frowning:

very nice but this 2.6 is coming soon or only at the end of this year ?

hope it comes soon so we can use 2.5 with some powers to render
and if possible include the B mesh and New nurbs tools too

that would be great but have to wait i guess!


So, cutting to the chase, Are there real solid plans to integrate this stuff, or has it been just left for somebody, somewhere who can be bothered?