What happened to render preview?!

I recently downloaded blender 2.55, to my demise i realized that the render preview no longer exist with SHIFT+P!

Did they make a new shortcut or did they completly remove it?!

It has not yet been ported over to the 2.5 versions.

it was a kickass feature, any angle, any view, to look at your textures and lighting rigs without any additional cameras , not the ridiculous multislot render 2.5 series

I guess it will be replaced by the cycles renderer from Brecht

you can always do a partial render

Yeah +1, Shift-b draw partial box for render.

how do you get rid of the partial render box? :stuck_out_tongue:
sounds really noobish but I can’t render my entire scene now :frowning:

Camera mode shift b select more than the camera

oh right… makes sense :smiley:


Unclick “Border” in render settings.

Cheers, mib