What happened to the banner?

What ever happened to the banner? I know that the mods said that the new format didn’t have it, but they also said that they were working on getting it back. So far, I haven’t seen anything.

No need for the jab Inferno :wink: Yes the banner will come back and it is harder because we are working to integrate it into the forum gallery function of the site. Requires, PHP, MYSQL coding and a general understanding on how VB works. Our programmer that we are able to pay for their time is swamped at the moment. Our advertisement allows for what work he is able and the large server bill that we incur to run the site. I know they are evil and infect the hearts of men… just necessary to have the site online.

On a side note, to help expedite this we are always interested in talking with web developers that may be interested in helping us out and pushing this along on a quicker timeline. Please drop your application, portfolio site over to [email protected]

Thank guys and more as we have it.