What happened to the brush set in sculpt mode ?

Hello everyone,
This is my first post here, apologies if it’s the wrong place. I usually download the latest builds from filiciss at graphicall, and somewhere along the course, the default set of brush icons in sculpt mode seems to have disappeared, leaving only the draw brush.
I did not tried yet to add a new set by hand (a lot of work and no time)
My question is : was this planned as a current code rewriting, or is it a bug ? Anyone with other builds where it still is available ?
Thanks for your answers

PS I have downloaded Chromoly’s pie menu .py, THAT’s so fine !! Thx to him

must be an issue with that build…

compiled trunk about ten minutes ago and they’re still there.

I found that the brush set will disappear if you bring a scene from an older version of blender. ie. One which didn’t have the brushes.

A workaround is to append the scene into a “new” 2.55 scene rather than loading.

@Michael W, thanks, I’ll try to download a new trunk ASAP and copy my .startup.blend and all add ons in there, I’ll let you know…
@tmcthree In fact I was on new scenes, having to test a lot, because I’m a newcomer to blender, with the intention to run a public wokshop (with a free software) aimed at a public with no 3d knowledge. So I have to do a lot of learning myself, first “un-learn” what I knew once from other 3d packages.

Well, I’m at a loss : I’ve downloaded B255-33375. Started right away with a new scene, not altering the default userPrefs, and my brush set is there OK.
Now i had to recover my own set of userPrefs and enabled AddOns from previous (only copy the .blend in the right path, and my brush set is gone !
Wondering where and how ???
So don’t bother about me my friends, I’ll spend some time to rebuild from scratch my own UserPrefs, not so long, and see what’s happening.
Been nice to get repplies so fast !