What happened to the Hindenburg?

The flames on this was super hard to animate. Comments/suggestions are always welcome!


Good animation, keep making the vids I love them.

This should be in the finished animations section, you will get way more views. This should be featured but the ads may stop you. That said TOP QUALITY WORK my friend this should be on TV. Question is this all blender?

Thanks for your compliments Jeremiah! I wasn’t aware that there was a “finished animations” sections - do you mean “finished projects”?

…and yes! This is all done in blender😁


Yes, Finished Projects would be where you should have posted.

I will try posting there next time! Thanks


sir, i’m srinivas from india… i already messaged u in instagram but u didnt gave me any response…
sir i love u so much… u r my inspiration… in blender…with your inspiration i bought a high-end PC with EMI.and started learning blender through udemy course…
as i’m from a poor family, we cant afford a PC, AND cant join in any institute for 3d modelling… so thats y, learning blender through udemy course by using a public free wifi.

with lots and lots of struggle in my life,…i faced lot of challenges in my life…
and i’m a jobless engineer … started my new path in blender to learn for free and earn somthing by it… hope everything goes well …
and one day i promise u, i will become like u sir… my goal is to meet u once sir, i’m a huge fan for u…