What happened to the portal page?

Sorry to keep bugging you guys about this, but I liked the idea of a portal page for elysiun. Due to the high volume of people that do come here, I think that a portal with current news and tutorials would be kool. Maybe even a model of the month/week, along with a Tutorial of the month!

This is just my idea, and if you guys are full on time, i would be glad to help out. I currently run http://www.h2mangalores.com, if you’re interested in my custom work. I have a lot of free time and am more than willing to help get a portal for this site.

There used to be one, but I thought it was the whole meaning that should switch to blenderartists.org.

Well blenderartists.org, looks like a copy (not exact just the idea) of blender.org, however, I didn’t look to far into the site! I still hope that the admin of elysiun will here my plea. I think this site really needs a front portal.

the startpage here elysiun was never really updated, so meanwhile BA will appear, we removed the startpage and made elysiun forum only till then :slight_smile: