What happened to the psk/psa import/export project!?!

:eek: Where did it all go? I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, now i find a post suggesting it be built in the next blender release! I think to myself WOHOOO! and yet nowhere on this forum is there a link to any completed scripts. And don’t tell me incomplete scripts make it into blender builds. The scripts i have been trying to use were written by goofos and sqrt (no i don’t know who they are or where to find them) I would post them here but I can’t post attachments. If anyone wants them I’m happy to email them. I’m writing this because I’ve been looking for some way to get my models (fully rigged and textured) int ut04. I can’t get the scripts to work, but the creators claim to have done so. Any help AT ALL would be fantastic. If someone could take them and fix them… I would happily bare their children, :o except that I’m a bloke so i can’t physically achieve it. :spin:

UT=Unreal Tournament? oh, and you’d better not “bare” anyone’s children or you will go to jail. If you are a woman, though, you can “bear” children.