What happened to the texemit feature?

I am trying to find a feature similar to the texemit option in blender 2.45 I think where a texture can effect the various physical parameters such as random. How can I effect the random variation “Random” with a texture? I used to be able to do this but can’t figure out how anymore.


Any takers?

hey 2.45 is so far out that happen in the last centurie

sorry to say that but we are in the 21 centurie with 2.5 coming next month ! LOL

anyway i don’t even remember this textemit thing!

may be try to set a texture and use it to do a displacement with displac modifier

that might do the trick or use a texture driven with an empty and IPO curve

otherwise can you give a sample flile if possible or give another exemple

cause not certain what you want to do with this one !

hope it helps

happy blendering

I believe the particle system has been totally overhauled since 2.45
TexEmit: You can use a texture to select the order of emission of the particles in the mesh. The lighther the texture in one point, the sooner the particles near that point will be emitted

Thanks Richard for explaining it better. I wish that feature was still available as it was a nice way to quickly create various looks without taking time to comb. If I find a nice alternative I will post.