What happened to the "What are you listening to right now" thread?

I really can’t find the thread… Oh well.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now:


Fabulous trance version of “Riders on the Storm” by “The Doors” covered by “Infected Mushroom” that the whole world should hear at least once. :wink:

immortal, all shall fall

What I am listening to right now is a song called pops hoedown.

The original thread needs to be found, but I’m being too lame to find it. I give up…

Listening right now to:

Metric, “Help I’m Alive”, dubstep remix by Krusha.

Zombies gonna get’cha!

Sweeeet! :smiley:

Mindblowing so I have to share:


Ajapi & Last Japan : I Feel For You

Beautiful dreamy dubstep. :smiley:

Ahhh…I knew there had to be another Dubhead around here…and you live near me to boot.

Sweet! Someone else in the UK with a decent taste in choons.

Check out this dirty masterpiece…

Waiko : Motherf^(king Greatest

I can strongly advise getting a 320kbps mp3 of this. Youtube kinda censors the bass… and rightly so. Think of all the young minds that could be warped by the truly twisted sounds of an uncensored dubstep masterpiece. The pop charts would crash overnight.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnLsOgX1f3g (Truth Live)

Don’t listen to this unless you’ve got a setup that allows for serious bass.

FunkyWyrm: If you want to listen to some premium filth, here’s one that’s downright nasty:

And a pretty chilled out one from truth:

Ahh what the hell, here’s a belter from Kane Dubstep:

Worth watching even if you don’t like dubstep, the video itself is very inspiring…

200 Watts per channel RMS full hifi (Just 2 channels, but both of them sweet as a nut). Powered by a 15 year old Myryad (British made) amp that weighs more than my oven. A couple of beastly floor-standing speakers. The Speakers tend to go a bit foggy on the bass with some amps, but the Myryad keeps them in check. I guess you could say my sound system is optimised for bass. :wink:

I rag the hell out of it every 3-4 months and the last time I was getting complaints from half a street away. Damnit, I wish I wasn’t mid-terrace. But only every 3-4 months is being considerate, right? Mostly I never go above 1/4 volume, but being a nice system the bass is still there even at low volumes. I’ve most definately not got a couple of 5 watt speakers hooked up to my computer headphones output. :wink:

Looking forward to checking out your recommendations. :slight_smile:


That comment wasn’t aimed at you; I figured you’d have a good setup, being a dubhead and all :stuck_out_tongue:

I was more thinking of the people who listen with laptop speakers, or crappy in the ear headphones, then wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to Dubstep.


Recieved and understood.

For other curious people, as Optikz said, this music is not for the kind of sound system that comes with your computer in a package.

You need to make a bit of effort, but the rewards far outstrip the money that you pay. As I said above, I’ve been running my current system for 15 years. It’s been taken along to various house parties and taken a bit of hammer. The front panel on my amp doesn’t work any more (having been kicked at one of said house parties), but the remote control still works and the sound quality is stellar. You get what you pay for. I paid about £700 in 1996. Go for it. You know you want to, a decent sound system is for life. :smiley:

700/15 = £46.66 per year. A bargain if you ask me.


Optikz, those links are sublime. :eyebrowlift:

I strongly recommend them.

The Strokes - Taken for a fool

From their new album…

Ooooh… deep down and dirty…

The Doctor Who main theme :cool:

Currently listening to rap… Does that count as music?

Boomer sooner by the Pride of Oklahoma

Alice’s theme from the recent Alice and wonderland.

I saw the movie Alice in Wonderland - it is quite good.