¿What happened with the "add to tool Shelf" option in 2.53?

Hi Everyone!

What happened with the “add to tool shelf” option? In the alpha versions was right there at the top of the tool shelf, but in the 2.53 beta is missing.

If this option won’t make it to the final release, is there something else planned as its replacement?

thank you!


As it wasn’t fully implemented (didn’t remmber any added tools between sessions) it was removed. As the beta is just about feature complete you many not see it appearing in the final release but no reason it won’t come back in its proper form in future versions.

Thank you Richard!

It seemed odd for me that this option wasn’t in the plans for the beta version, since I was considering it as one the “flag features” of the interface redesign… Customizable menus.

Please don’t get me wrong… I’m so grateful that BF has come to this milestone. I’ll change my way of doing things. I only thought that if a new feature so powerful for the newcomer was dropped out, something equally functional should replace it. ¿Maybe in the form of an “add-on”?

then how do you search for tools?

i was getting use with this in other version
hope it is back very soon!


Well, for searching for tools, I was using the spacebar menu, and now the beloved “Dynamic spacebar menu” add-on. It appears to have the same search functionality of the add tool.


rigth but still in the tool panel at the top before there was a search feied also
and seems it is gone and hope it comes back soon !

like when looking for the center or origin
never remember what the new Keys are for this ?


Too much is getting removed!
The Toolshelf was a excellent tool.
Matcap-preview is also removed!