What happened?! :(

What happened to this site? You need a password to enter?:eek:
All the Human Photo References and Textures 3D Artist Wants
It’s the site where you can find a lot of human references. I desperatley need a side and front view of a old man. Any other site that someone can recommend?


There’s a great side view.

Forget to tell you, I need a front and side view of a old mans face only…I’m creating a model of Tom Bombadil. If someone is familiar with the character…:yes:

Yea… he wasn’t in the Lord of the Rings movie though.

Hahaha why the heck is he carrying an axe in the water??

That’s how they go fishin’ in the South.

Try got3d.com. I can’t remember if there is an old man in the free sets, but it’s worth a look.

Got3D is a nice site, thanks…got lots of resources…:rolleyes:

I think 3dsk are back now. It seems they had a bit of server trouble.


Oil him up and send him my way…what a gorgeous beast!

Hahah what are you two planning to do together?:o
And the site seems to be up again, but there are no photos:no:

Hmm, didn’t there used to be?