What happens once you uninstall an OS?

Look, i’ve been thinking of uninstalling the old Windows XP from my computer. I know how to uninstall it but i am wondering do i have to install the new OS before uninstalling it? And will all my files be lost? Can someone give any advice on this?

No you don’t.
The comp will start, but It will just not boot into anything.
If you insert the OS cd in a computer with no OS, it will boot into the CD, where you can install the OS.
Good luck.


To install win7 along with winXP

Choose an empty logical drive.
Insert the Win7 dvd while you are on XP
The autorun will prompt you to install Win7.
Choose the logical drive as installation drive and proceed.

When installation is complete you can select which OS to boot into.

To install Win7 only.
Boot into Win7 from dvd and proceed.
Win7 will overwrie MBR(master boot record) for you and XP will be lost for ever.:eek::mad:

An operating system is, really, “just a (system of) program(s),” albeit a very special one that gets loaded into memory in a special way through a boot-loader program. If you remove that program, or otherwise make it so that the boot-sequence can no longer find it, then your computer will not start. (But you can insert a “bootable” CD-ROM and go from there.)

Before changing an OS it is very advisable to back up all your valuable data. Depending on the OS and your procedure it can be that all data will be lost, for example when partitions get reformatted during installation of the new OS. Best do backups continually during use also, because hard drives can fail at the end of their lifecycle.

You do not have to uninstall XP. All new operating systems will allow you to overwrite while you are installing them, or even (such as Ubuntu) allow you to create a new disk partition and install alongside.

You can uninstall it but after that you need a bootable disk to install a new window on your system.

You can not finish the whole process. The OS will stop it automatically! Except you want to reinstall a new one, the old version can be covered!

No need to worry. I think your OS on “C” drive. Before reinstalling OS, you have to copy your important files from C to D drive. The New installation OS should be on C drive. After finishing installation you can easily use your important files from D drive.