What happens to the grass mask?

Hi there! Trying to make a realistic grass field with particle settings. The issue is: One “grass unit”* works just fine, but when I’m duplicating/setting up particles, then it seems like the Mask stopped working. I’d understand if it was a dense shadow, but these rectangular black planes make me doubt that

It has no issue in EEVEE, but I am working with Cycles. Textures are from CC0, issue screenshot and node setup attached

*unit = a couple of grass textures joined into one object, should’ve add a couple of particle settings, but why bother

UPD: It does appear like it’s a shadow that’s being cast by other elements. But it looks like the shadow is rectangular, not the shape of the leaf or whatever

Try increasing the transparency max bounce count in the Light Paths:

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that’s sick, man
Thank you