What has replaced Bridges Faces/Edge-Loops in 2.49B


There use to be a script called Bridges Faces/Edge-Loops that enabled you to create a bridge between two selected faces. This is useful when making things like windows and doors. It existed in Blender versions 2.37 to 2.46. It no longer exists in Blender 2.49b I assume that there is some other way of doing the same thing without using this script can somebody tell me how please.

Thanking you in anticipation:eyebrowlift:

You mean “skin faces/edge loops” ?

Not implemented yet.
IIRC someone wrote a plugin for 2.5 until its re-implemented.

One of the worst downsides in modelling workflow using 2.5.

Found it:

check this out


Thank you very much for your replys :eyebrowlift: