What have I done wrong?

Hi, everyone.

I am encountering two problems with the GE.

The first is that my Blender (2.46) can’t detect any Python. I downloaded the latest version, but to now avail. So I cut and pasted the whole thing in the same folder, but nothing helped.

The second problem is that, for some reason, “Shaders not supported!” is announced in that small window that opens with Blender whenever I run the game, and - lo and behold! - it turns out that no texture dares show its face upon the faces of my models.

So I tried downloading v. 2.48.

I managed to download it, but the problems still stuck.

Any words on what I’m doing wrong, and/or how to do it right?

Thanks a million.

  1. you have to INSTALL Phyton (yes its a programme :D)
  2. maybe your graphic card does not support glsls (and u have to use image textures)

you need the old python 2.5 ,the new 2.6 is incompatible