What have I messed up now...

I’m so close to finishing my Piero Rig after what feels like forever. I’ve only got custom bones for the eye lids left…and I thought I’d have a go, and see if anything needs adjusting.

And…the eyes have gone mad. Whenever I move the Tracked to Constraint Control, they rotate out of the sockets. I’ve locked the transform, reset the origin and everything else I can think of…


Have you accidentally parented the eyes to to the control ? hard to tell whats going on from a pic, try isolating just your eye rig layers , and work your way backwards checking your constraints, inheret loc and parenting…


really it could be anything. There is literally no way to guess. Maybe with a .blend.


This is the blend file with everything removed except the eye rig. It just doesn’t work, and no matter what I do, I can’t get the eyes to stay in place.

There are two eye models, a Proxy which has the textures, which are rigged correctly, and the eyes which are the lense, that SHOULD do exactly the same. But…they don’t.

hi I had a quick look yesterday , your eye mesh needs to be separated into single items ie L and R eye parts and re mirrored on X axis the alignments out, tab edit mode select verts P for parts , your origins of the eyeballs need fixing select the some vert rings to get a good center for each eye ball Cursor to selected then in object mode origin to 3d cursor, once you have the eyes as separate parts and the origins sorted select the cornea parent it to the eyeball then parent the eyeball to to your eye bone once you have got its position sorted

should be enough info for some progress Use the 3D cursor its very helpfull, will have another look at the eye rig later

Hi give this a go… If you use the compress option in blender it will save you having to use dropbox , you may have to line it up with your mesh as some adjustments were made just select the base bones.


Eye_Help_ADJ_JPD.blend (425 KB)