What if Caterpillar made spacecraft?

Here’s the Caterpillar RVA-732, 2-seater. Not sure what it’s used for yet but let’s take a look anyway…




Hey! Pretty cool! You’ll have to add lots of safety labels to it when you’re finished to give it an authentic “Caterpillar” look. You know, stuff like, “Crush zone. Keep fingers clear.”

Only crit so far is the seats look way to comfortable to be on a caterpiller. Try to make them so that after 2 hours of work you won’t be able to stand up straight ever again. :wink:

Or: “Caution: This machine is very high off the ground when in operation.” :expressionless:

After all, any country that feels it necessary to say, “Caution: Contents Hot!” on a freakin’ cup of coffee will go to any extreme. %|

When I read this topic, two words came to mind: “Red Dwarf”

Basically, It’s big, and it’s bare bones. Also, it is a mining ship (Jupiter Mining Corporation, I think is correct).

Having said which, this looks like one of the probe vessels from series VII. Hmm.

Well the seats are presently made from two cubes (frames and guiderails forthcoming) so I’m not sure I can make them more uncomfortable. I’m presently trying to locate some closeups of Caterpillar “saftey labels” but barring that I do plan on adding several things like that.

Now that is priceless! That wil definately be an addition I’ll be making. I’m also trying to think of a bumber sticker to add to it like “I break for…” or “My other car is a…” something like that.

Now that’s a show I’ve not seen recently, I’ll have to see if I can track down a picture of what your talking about. So far I haven’t really comeup with the role of this Cat but a mining ship should fit the bill nicely.

Added the Caterpillar signage to the nose and managed to do a few other decals here and there. I’ve got more ready to go but no time to get them in just yet. Got a name as well, so may I present “The Wasp”…



Have you thought about propulsion and control systems? Not only are they somewhat necessary for successful space flight operation, but they might flesh out your model’s appearance somewhat.

Well if you look at the second picture you can see the engine exhaust (that grey thing) at the back. And the silver cap looking things at the corners are the reaction control thrusters (I have not modeling the ports on them yet).

The overall design is intended to be bare and industrial. I’m working on the interior now and will have some updates by tomorrow.

Got a decent start on the interior. Still quite a bit to do (and refine)…





it definitely has “cat” charme…

but beeing a spaceship…
hmm … all the planar parts will not stand 1 bar inner preasure unless
( also cat like though ) made of insane amounts of material.


nice!!! maybe make the yellow more deep?

Deeper? Would that be darker? Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Here’s the latest…