"What if Earth was flat?" : 11/4 - WIP 05 posted

::::::::::::: NEWEST IMAGE ::: WIP 06 / FINAL(?)

And high-res edition (2406x1024) for those interested…

Updated original post with newest image^^ - propably the final image. Original post begins below…
//The M.h.p.e.

WIP 01
Image - WIP 01
I’ve had this somewhat crazy concept in my head for some time, and have
finally got to the point where I have something to show.

The idea behind this image is duplicating those satellite images of real life,
just not with a round, but a flat earth. I’ve simply asked myself the question:
If Earth actually was flat, then what would it look like?”.

The hole idea of a flat earth is of course inspired by the ancient concept of
earth actually being flat. I’ve just put my own twist to it by abandoning the
part of the idea about numerous hemi-spheres with stars, sun, moon etc
above the flat earth.

BTW: I ough to get this clear - I don’t in any way, shape or form belive that
earth is flat. Period. I just do this picture for the fun of it. :wink:

Well…please post all your critique, comments, questions and bright ideas!
Oh, and I’m currently on the lookout for other ways of putting the line:
“What if Earth was flat…?”. English is my second language, so I’m not
quite sure that the line is 100% grammatically correct. So, if you have
suggestions for alternatives, please post them too!

//The M.h.p.e.

Hey, I think its good and simple. Verry nice.

:slight_smile: I actually smiled for a while at that one! Nice!

I really quite like that - good work!!

How did you get that cool space background. I’m guessing that you used some random NASA photo or something, because Blender’s star function isn’t that amazing!

As to your question of the grammatic correctness of “What if Earth was flat?”… It should really be “What if the Earth was flat?”

I don’t think it really matters that much though.

Anyway, good work!!

Good execution of the idea. Though it might seem a bit TOO flat - not sure if adding some haze & cloud might give it a bit more depth. Maybe you could also add a flat moon looking down on the earth?

And if you have a look at the dymaxion map of the esteemed Buckminster Fuller, then you’ll see that the world actually IS flat (in a way).

Great looking image and concept.

Grammar: It’s better usage to ask “What if the Earth were flat?”; “was” suggests past flatness that’s gone now :slight_smile:

For total physical accuracy, the texture would have to be changed drastically but then of course the planet would be completely unrecognizable. I’m no expert, but I think you wouldn’t have cyclones as depicted (no Coriolis forces), you wouldn’t have such differences in the vegetation, and the entire thing would have shattered anyway. But that’s no fun!

Have you read any of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books? The stories take place on a ‘parallel’ earth which is flat (and is carried through space on the backs of four giant elephants who in turn stand on the back of an immense astro-turtle).

I agree that if the atmosphere had a tiny bit more depth, and maybe a few bumpy mountains the pic would be even better.

@The Flying Dutch Man & Jason G: Thanks! :smiley:

@narnia: Yea, but i recon it sounds better without the “the”…so I’ll
keep it that way, unless it’s terribly wrong of course…

@N00b: I’ll be looking into adding some haze for the next update.
Moon - a good idea, but i think it’ll do more damage than good. “K.I.S.S.”
you know…:smiley:

@CD38: Sure that’s right? Isn’t “were” only used in pluralis - and it
too revolves around the past, and not the present…?
Like this: “They were outside the house”.
“Was” is used about a single thing - also in the past.
Like this “It was outside the house”. So “were”, “was” - they’re both in
the past…
- Please correct me if I’m wrong…but as far as I can tell, the
text works alright as it is. Just need to have it clearly confirmed

@3Distracted: I haven’t read them, no. But I think I’ve heard about
them once before though.
I’ll try to knock the bump a bit up then…:smiley:

Please, keep posting!
//The M.h.p.e.

Nice idea, and an original take on the usual planet/sun/stars image.
I think the idea of adding a little bit of vertical variation to the surface would be great. Then the clouds could sit just above that. I think it only needs to be a small elevation though; just enough to pick up a little bit of shadow texture. Perhaps the height difference could be strongest at the center, falling off towards the ends of the Earth. (Thing to ponder: does a flat, round Earth have ends, or just a single edge? %|)

IMHO the spec on the ocean is a little too strong. But I suppose the glare could be accurate at such a low incident angle.

Regarding the title, I’d like to add my vote for ‘What if the Earth were flat’. “If I were you” seems more natural to me than “If I was you”. I Am Not An English Teacher, but I think the tense fits for things that have been in the past, and continue to be in the present. Which would seem appropriate when discussing the Earth.
A few more phrases that seem to have a similar context to your title are “Wish you were here” and “Every thing you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask”. However at the end of the day, its your piece, and you call it what you feel happiest. :smiley:

@banni: Yes, I might go about lifting the clouds a little bit more than
they are now.
The specular is turned down in the following update.
Concerning your examples for the title. You only use “you were” and a
single “I were”. Well, don’t recon it’s the same here. Here I use a thing,
the earth. Well… the question is ultimately: is it called “it were” or “it was”???

Actually funny how much grammar stuff I’m doing now. Almost more than 3D;)

Image - WIP 02
Well, it’s time for a update. Not much has really changed, it’s just details.
Biggest new thing is a small haze…

Well anyway…please post a comment!

//The M.h.p.e.

Image - WIP 03
Okay… here’s another update. I’ve been playing a little around with the
clouds and made the disc a little thinner, plus some other smaller changes.

I’ve also done some research, and have finally confirmed that “What if
Earth was flat?” is completely grammatically correct… :wink:

Please continue posting your critique, questions, comments and ideas!
//The M.h.p.e.

Ha. That’s cool!

Nice idea and well executed. (Great materials.)

Herman Finkers (Dutch comedian):

De wereld is rond, net als een pannenkoek…

The world is round, just like a pancake…


I like your latest update. The clouds look nice now, casting just a hint of shadow on the ground. My only crit on it is in the bottom left, the spec reflection from the sea is continued down onto the edge of the disc. If the sun in the top left is the only light source, this area of the disc should be in shadow, and certainly shouldn’t have a highlight.
If you’re happy with the title, then thats fine by me :slight_smile:

How about adding a bit of a particle system around the edge to show the oceans running off into space?

Could U please tell how u created the admosphere?

very nice. seeing the water pouring off the side would be very cool, as would a larger coughwallpapercough render

@Roger: Thanks…:smiley:

@banni: Actually it’s not a highlight, it’s a lens flare. But I can see your
point, and I’ll turn it a bit down for the next update.

@nethinks: Tried particles. Didn’t work out…I’m currently working on
an alternative method. I hope it works out in the end. :slight_smile:

@NickDeBinkNL: Sure, I’d be glad to… :smiley:
It’s not that complex. The atmospheric haze is actually a post-process effect…
In Blender, i do a quick model covering the clouds and the earth, just like a
real atmosphere would.


Then I play around with some blends and rampshaders to obtain a pic like
the following…


After that I take the image through photoshop (but any other 2D-application
will do just fine aswell) giving the pic some blur and giving it a blueish
tint. It gives me the following result:


After that, I put it on top of my image using the “screen” blend-mode. And
that’s basically it! :slight_smile:
Hope it helps…

@traitor: Thanks - Hmm…I’ll see what I can do…:wink:

Please keep talkin’! :smiley:
//The M.h.p.e.

funny idea! thats cool

@cekuhnen: Thanks! :smiley:

Image - WIP 04
And high-res edition for those interested…

Added water falling of the edge. I’ve been trying endless ways of making
the water, but I’ve always failed. In the end, I ended up handpainting the
water in post-pro. Still doesn’t look good IMO. I’d rather remove it, unless
there’s some other way to make it look better.
…also did some minor tweaks.

//The M.h.p.e.

Personally I wouldn’t have the water falling of the edge for 2 reasons:
1 - If the water was continuously draining off the Earth, then eventually it would dry up with no way to replenish it, which would be a Bad Thing.
2 - Having it fall off implies there is some universe-wide gravitational pull in the direction the water is falling. Again which doesn’t seem to fit with your picture. Why hasn’t the sun and all the other stars also fallen ‘down’?

I think it looks better with the ‘ridge’ thing you’ve got running around the edge. Kinda like a pizza with raised edges to keep the topping from dripping off the side. Mmm now I’m hungry :slight_smile: