What if I wanted to take every individual pas and put it all together manually?

I want to render out every pass and then put it all back together so it end up looking like the original image, and then tweak/ remove some passes from there.

I tried doing it myself with mix nodes and the likes, but I don’t know how to exactly!

Help would be appreciated!

I can’t post links to the forum yet, but google “compositing cycles render passes in blender”. First hit should be Bartek Skorupa’s excellent cgcookie tutorial that explains recreating a final image by compositing all the render passes manually.

I have yet to try it, but i’m using blender internal, will that tutorial still work?

I don’t know if you mean Blender Internal passes or Cycles but for Cycles it’s explaint in the blender wiki how to combine them:

Edit: just saw that you use BI, but it might still be usefull

It can definately be done. Its probably way too complicatated to explain in one post, but I would definar ely suggest saving teh render in open exr multilayer format and select rgba.
Just to gove you an idea of the complexity of the compositor sometimes…
Some of these parts are actually rendered at completely seperate times.

Mother of god… is it really that complex?

If you are simply stiching them together, then no. You might as well just render out to .png and be done at that point.
I have alot of effects in that example, most applied to only certain layers.

Alright, I got it working, thank you everyone!