What Image Size for Movies...


Is there a recommended or preferred image size for movies designed for computer playback?

recently, I have been using 640x360px for 16:9 widescreen computer playback but should I be using WVGA (854x480px) or even 1024x576px (square widescreen PAL)…:confused:

Please help…!

An example of a 640x360px movie (8.2MB avi) can be seen here:

I really don’t think it matters if it’s being played back on a computer monitor. Some containers/codecs (AVI?) impose a “divisable by 16” rule for the dimensions but other than that…

I’ve even rendered tall videos 480 high x 320 wide.

Thanks for the responce.

I’ve noticed the “divisible by 16” rule on mpeg-1 encoding too.

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Yup as AndyD said it doesn’t really matter, but I tend to render movies out at PAL (720x576) because then I don’t have to re-render if I happen to want to make a compilation onto a DVD. Depends what you do with your animations really (after using them for computer playback)…