what inspired people to use blender?

I started with 3d modelling with Adobe Dimensions 3.0 in 1999 or sometime aroud that year, building simple castels out of cubes, I thaugth about it as a kind of unlimited Lego set on the computer. After some years without any moddeling I got a computer with internet, an begun to search for info about 3d animation, and on an accident i tumbeled over this genius software called Blender.
I think the reason I became interested in animation at all i that i got a book in 1997 I think, from my mother, about a norwegian animated film, Gurin med Reverompa(Gurin with the fox-tale). I red this book from cover to cover a lot of times, and started to make small stop-motion animations, and after i saw the movie a bug’s life i got into 3d animation and modelling.