What inspires you?

I’ve been a blender user for a while, and one thing Ive noticed is that based on each persons inspiration comes the style that they work in, so what I want to know is what inspires you when you have no ideas?

For me, a quick walk around, or drawing a simple image, can lead to something I want to create
also, when I listen to music, I’m sometimes moved to try to create a video that goes with the song

I find clouds inspirational, because to me, clouds are the things that hold all your dreams (Not trying to be poetic)

so what about you?

Hey MOose,

When I was younger I was crazy about clouds, loved watching cumulunimbuses form before the summer storms, or the wispy stratospheric clouds moving in before a cold front. I still enjoy seeing them but don’t have the time to watch them develop.

In relation to 3D, my inspiration are illustrations before vector software was invented. It seems 1990s were the heyday of hand-drawn illustrations. I try to take the artform forward in 3D, without pursuing cold realism and outside the vector straitjacket.

I haven’t done it for a while, but surfing Flickr used to be productive. People tend to upload pictures they like and you do get to see some amazing work you wouldn’t know about. Posting them to Flickr probably isn’t 100% legit, so they come and go.

Impressing girls.

Not. Even. Kidding.

The need to make things.

Other people’s amazing work.

:smiley: wow the impressing girls one really got my attention ahaha :smiley:
thanks for telling me you guys :smiley:

Mybe this would would be interesting.:slight_smile:

Same here. But you all know my problem :smiley:

Anyways for me, it’s music. More specifally film music.

I totally agree with TWS Admin. Espcially music from movies like The Karate Kid, etc.

I might also add stories (I’m kinda sporadic with story creation) along with this.

Animal Logic. That and slow mo thoughts… And explosions.

music always inspires me.

Photographs have always inspired me…Absolutely stunning photos can make you believe you can do anything.


Well I’m also going to admit that the crush I have is starting to inspire a few ideas.

Strange. But true.

Good music, and awesome CG renders.
Guns, bigger guns, and even more bigger guns!!!

Dreams, and patterns in objects like crocodile skin or the way something is stacked. O.o lol

Video Game Music. Mostly stuff from Final Fantasy, Half-Life, and Portal.

Ha! Portal’s music actually inspires me a lot too.