What is a easy export for OpenGL...

I was thinking about using some models in a openGl app, but I am not sure what formats are well suited for that.
Anybody have any Ideas?
(I’m want to learn openGL so it’s a beginner’s perspective.)

AFAIK, OpenGL dosn’t have any specific file format that goes with it, like DirectX does, so you just have to determine which of the output formats meets the cross of (1) it outputs all the data you want and (2) you want to write / can find a module for reading it for using that format in your program.

For reading the various output formats that blender supports?
I’m just looking for an easy way to get a model from blender to openGL.
I like OpenGL because it’s not platform specific. If I have to hand code a model reader myself, I want a simple format (And I mean SIMPLE cause I want to know if it’s my code for the openGL or the read routines that’s mucking things up WHEN I have a bug.) to read from that still captures the texture mapping from bitmaps to Blender objects.

OpenGL is a rendering API, it’s not tied any particular model format, you’ll have to roll your own… You might start with learning about OGL triangle strips and fans and vertex arrays… You can decompose a model into fans and strips and load them directly into OGL… http://www.opengl.org/resources/code/samples/sig99/advanced99/notes/node18.html will give you and idea and starting point…

I don’t know of any canned libs to do triangle stripping… Otherwise, I’d use a simple format like .obj and work with it. There’s more than enough code on the 'net for .obj manipulation and it’s really easy to understand.

I highly recommend the OpenGL Programming Guide, or “Redbook” as it’s commonly known: http://www.amazon.com/OpenGL-Programming-Guide-Official-Learning/dp/0321173481

I used to program OpenGL based apps in C/C++ and trust me, you’ll need the Redbook…:yes: