What is a good PC application software that can output stylized letterings such as this?

This was generated from https://flamingtext.com/ but I want a PC software that can also work offline.

I am creating some UI for my rally racing game project using blender as tool to 3d model cars fyi.


Well you need to specify what you expect from this software. Should it be vector or raster one? Do you want easy cheesy effects or rather ability to create something less automatic but more original?

As of general you can use ‘any’ graphic tool. So now I’ll recommend you open source Inkscape (vector) and Krita (raster).

I’d agree with this, vectors are great because they are “resolution independent”, basically, they don’t pixilate as you amke them larger.

Of course but I don’t know about usability in game engines, do they use vector graphics?

Do game engines can utilize vector graphic?

You’d probably use them simply as decals etc ot set up your final texture map, which I am presuming would be baked, so they are not something you’d likely use in isolation. For example, in Substance Painter, I would apply that as a decal layer on a wall or such like. hen bake out the final textures to pull into Blender or UE4.

Vector-graphics software such as (open source …) Inkscape is probably a very good place to start. Even if the graphic is converted to a raster – which Inkscape of course can do – vectors are often a very-natural place to begin.