What is a good way to start modelling a human-like model?

I’m having problems trying to make a human-like model. How and where should I start modelling? I’m not trying to go for a realistic shape. More like a chibi design. I have tried to make the head few times but it always ends up looking weird. >_<

More like a chibi design

Aside from the above tutorial, which will likely teach you workflow, the single most important thing you will ever learn is: Always have a reference. If it’s an original work, draw up some quick sketches. You don’t even have to be good at drawing. The only thing that is important is that you understand the concept behind your sketch. It’s the visual version of taking notes. Just like notes, the sketches will help to keep you on track with the vision that is in your head. From there, it’s all iterative: Push those verts around until you get something that looks terrible. Then you know what not to try next time. :slight_smile: