What is a mixture of real video material an 3D elements called?


I’m looking for the right term to describe a mixture of real video material and 3D elements that were added later.

Here’s an example:

How is this kind of art called?

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CGI over Live Action?

Most people call it a composite, don’t they??

VFX (Visual Effects)

Yes. It’s generally known as compositing. Go to Youtube and type Compositing Demo Reel and you’ll get lots of hits.

Steve S

It’s called Matchmoving, with compositing as one of it’s steps.

Thank you all very much. Compositing and matchmoving sound just right :slight_smile:

In the Blender community, matchmoving and camera tracking are often used interchangeably. However across the VFX industry the term matchmoving more commonly refers specifically to tracked motion that is independent of the camera motion (ie: Ironman’s suit or tracking somebodys arm). The shots in that video would be more commonly described as “Camera tracking + compositing”.

I think that you might be mixing some things up there because matchmoving is all about camera tracking and a lot more. Indeed one of the books I like about the subject is “Matchmoving, The invisible art of camera tracking” by Tim Dobbert.


You are right that it isn’t all about the camera tracking, but in the end it is about matching the camera or object so you can add in the 3D elements and have them look like they are a part of the scene. Here is one of the tutorials the author goes through in the book. In this one you take a single image and add in a flying saucer between the buildings. I did this all in Blender and it was a lot of fun, but some work. :slight_smile: To make this work you need to estimate where the camera was when the picture was taken, make stand-ins for the buildings, and finally render and composite the saucer and shadows back into the original image: