What is a Script / Scripting?

This might seem like an obvious question but I haven’t yet found a good explanation.

I’m currently trying to learn a bit about game design, and I can’t figure out the difference between simply writing code for the game logic and writing script / scripting. Can anyone tell me what it is and what use it has?

If I’m being stupid I apologise, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere I guess.

Any help appreciated,
Adam Colvin

They can mean the same thing. But the technicality is a bit different. Writing script I believe is more considered what you do in blender (write “extensions” for the game engine using python) while coding is usually used to describe what you do when you make something using lower level code (c/c++/etc)

My understanding of the two is that a code is something that is complied and fixed at runtime - like C and C++ whereas a scripting language is an interpreted language like python. As Killer said, scripts are often used to extend the code of a program and used to control the flow of an application. In Blender python is used to extend the GUI code so users can control and edit the GUI without havnig to recompile the whole source code.

I see. That makes things much clearer thanks. It makes sense considering that game engines are used for lots of different purposes. So I guess configuring them to individual needs would help a lot.

Thanks very much,

additionally to battery’s explaination see wikipedia Interpreter (computing)