What is Ambient Occulision

What is Ambient Occulision, what does it do, and how do i use it.

This question has been asked many times before. :expressionless:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but ambient occlusion is a method of global illumination, or in other words, taking into account light coming from many directions. If used properly it can really help the realism in the scene.

It’s really simple to set up. In the Buttons window (the one with the buttons),
hit F8 to go to the World Buttons. On the tab that says “Amb Occ”, open it up and click the big button that says “Ambient Occlusion”. Voila!

In version 2.34 of Blender there is a slowdown error when using AO. A simple fix is to click the “Unified Renderer” button in the F10 panel. It’s beneath “PAL, NTSC, Default, etc…” But still rendering with AO will take longer than without because it requires more calculations.

did that but it does appear to take effect

Do you have the “Ray” button enabled?

nope let me try

where is the ray button


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To be pedantic, AO is a method of faking global illumination. It’s known as a ‘dirt shader’, since it fills in the gaps and cracks (where polygons are close together, at an angle) with shadow. It happens completely independently of the lighting in your scene (which is why it’s not ‘real’ global illumination), though best results are gained when you use AO in conjunction with a normal light setup.