What is anisculpt used for?

I’ve been watching Pepe’s anisculpt vid - what is this used for? I cans see doing this if you want to just tweak a few frames in an animation but what else?

  1. it is a way to get an animation done in any package (max, maya, blender) into another package by importing the mesh shape frame by frame.
  2. If you want a hand-drawn animation look for any 3D animation, you have to bend and stretch the meshes to reflect the shapes that would have been drawn by hand (or use and animate a very bendy-stretchy rig)

I see it as a finaling tool, useful to eliminate bad deformation before rendering.

Ahh I see, finalizing seems great. May be great for rigging up an animation and then eliminating that automiton like look without going in and spending days tweeking the bone IPO’s, a little of this, a little of that appoach!

So when you make any animation, I imagine that the vertex cache is created for each frame - is it erased each frame?

The result of 3D CGI remains 2D. Anisculpt is for polishing your animation, so with will look good from the 2D point of view.

walshlg: The latest version of anisculpt for blender 2.4x also works without a vertex cache, which is awesome. You can create shapes while you are animating. I believe in Blender 2.5 the anisculpt script became redundant, because the “crazy space” problem (not being able to move points in global space because of bone deformation etc.) was resolved.

But there currenly (latest SVN version) seem to be some bugs regarding shape modeling and sculpt mode, i think because of the new sculpt branch merge. If i enter sculpt mode, the character goes to the default pose, which is not what i want.