What is Baking and how to use it.

What is baking texture in 3D mean and how can I use it?


See if that helps.


There’s also an article on texture baking in the latest blenderart magazine (see the announcement in the news forum)

Please Help! I don’t know how to get baking to work.I trying the tutorial - ( http://www.blender.org/cms/Render_Baking.827.0.html ) but when I try CTRL+ALT+B but nothing happen. why?

Just one more question.Is this function available when I first install blender 3D? or I need to install it like a plug-in?

You need the latest version. Try a new CVS build.

But i’m using blender 2.4a aready. Is it not the latest?

There are test builds with new features that have not been officially released yet referred to as CVS builds, for testing purposes only but we all post about their features here. Blender.org has a Test Builds forum.