What is baking?

What is Baking??

I know that is has something to do with rendering.

well it is button in fluidsimulator (it might be something else also)
in fluid simulator when you attach object and set up that as fluid and then insert that in some other (larger) object what is domain. then you click baking button and blender will calculate how fluid will drop/bounce in that domain area. that is very simple explanation for baking. not very accurate.

if it means something else also then i don’t knwo that.

Baking is a technique for speeding up renders by saving the results of intensive calculations in a matrix or other fixed ("baked’) form. It’s used in several ways in CG. In Blender’s fluid simulations as kirini notes, only massively parallel or supercomputers could approach doing the calculations in real time, so you run the simulation, save the positions of the vertices, and play them back. Similarly, you can bake the results of the Bullet physics simulator in the Game Engine into IPOs for animating physical interactions between objects.

In image rendering, baking refers to things like rendering shadows in a raytraced scene, then saving and applying them as textures to speed up render times.

the concept of baking (for fluidsim, action in ipo…) is the same in pottery.

when you make a vase or a plate in clay, you can change the look of the vase as you want, then you put the vase in the oven and bake it. once the clay is baked, you can’t change the look of the vase anymore.

that’s “baking”


Thank you

I now have a better idea of what baking is…