what is blender capable of ?

one of my friends was asking

  • what is blender Capable of ?

how would we answer him … ok

Elephants dream
Yo Frankie

works from the gallery of BA …

do you have any nice youtubes and vimeos to show ?

Maybe not a “masterpeace”, yet 3D done with Blender: http://video.moncinema.ch/video/iLyROoaf8Qou.html

Show him what Blender can do in the right hands:


Blender is only as capable as the artist and/ or developer controlling it is. No more, no less.

If your friend already knows how to use a 3D software, he can be precise about his needs.
And you or the community can give him precise answer.
But it would be surely faster to convince him if he give blender a try.

If he doesn’t know any 3D software, Daniel’s answer is the best.

What are paint brushes or a chisel capable of?

It’s capable of making wonderful mixed drinks. You put in some vegetables or fruit and the blender will mix them up for you.

Tell him he should definitely get one, so he can try it for himself.

That film, The Lighthouse is pretty cool too. You could add that to the list.

And I hope this thread does not devolve into the tool or the artist thing. It is clear - as it was for me as well even though I used 3D for quite a few years before going with Blender - that this person wants to see some examples of actual works done. It really does help give you a feel for the software and its potential. Looking around the gallery and at the films made helped me to decide to go with Blender as my software of choice. You can see the good points and the bad in the art created and the most wide range of choice is best to give you a good impression. Anyone with a good eye can assess from that pretty well I think.

What is a pencil capable of?

Blender is like a free small pencil. You can draw anything you want with it. What about Maya? Maya is a big, colorful and expensive pencil. You can draw with it too. If you only want to draw something with a pencil, Blender is enough. :cool:

How is Maya any better then Blender?
I don’t think Maya is a bigger pencil then Blender.

this is kind of the wrong way to answer this when I first started out I was also curious to know who far some of the more skilled users had pushed Blender. The works that were displayed in the blender.org played a big part in swaying me towards using Blender.

This is what the open movies do so well because the show people the level of work you can get from Blender.

If your friend is new to 3D, you’d better show him the open movies, some sim stuff etc.
If he’s been using other apps before Blender, than he would be more interested in workflow stuff, Blender features etc. Then he should take a look at the release notes.

My pencil is bigger than Maya’s pencil.


Blender has everything Maya has (Except for some modeling tools, which will be added after Bmesh)
But maya definitely doesn’t have everything Blender has.
How is Maya a better pencil?
Can someone explain in a few sentences?

Drawing is the most important feature of the pencil, so Blender is enough.

I didn’t mean Blender is worse than Maya. I also didn’t mean it hasn’t got a bright future. Blender is developing rapidly and I like using it as an old Maya user. Some day, I believe that Blender will be the king of all the 3D tools. :yes:

The Blender pencil allows others in the community to add, an erasor or three, built in rulers and many other features you might find in texters or crayons!