What is Blender Game?

What is Blender Game and what can you do with it? Sorry for asking such a dumb question but I want to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Milky!

Blender has an integrated game engine which allows you to create your own games. You can model objects, put textures on them and then add interactivity via logic bricks. Logic bricks are an incredibly user-friendly way to make things happen in the real-time environment.

Check out this link to see pictures of a game in development (or click on the link in my signature to go to my website and see other examples).


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Okay, so you can actually do everything in game engine? :slight_smile: That game looks nice by the way, when do you release the demo? :slight_smile:

Well, doing EVERYTHING…this depends.

The Blender game engine has some graphical limitations. For example, dynamic shadows are not available, and a few other things as well. Quite a few things can be faked however, and with some talent you can get quite nice results.

But on the other hand, the GE definitely has the potential to make a really good game.

The demo of Earth Commando will definitely be released next week. I tested the full level which will be in it, and I’m satisfied. I’m now polishing the details.


Milky I take it that you’re new to the GE. Hehe, if you want to start creating games like “Earth Commando” and many others, you can start by looking at the tutorial list that’s in the sticky on this forum.

Also definitely take a look at this Blender GE document. It explains most of the logic bricks and python functions that are used in blender GE.

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Jason Lin

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am new to GE, in fact I just started trying out blender a couple of days ago. I’m definately going to try out the GE but first, I want a firm grip of Blender in general.

I’ll check it out, thanks.