What is Blender?

Hey. I’m new on this forum and I’d like to know what Blender is. And how the h*** you all make such realistic animations!

Hi mozez! Welcome to elysiun!
Aren’t you coming to things in rather a strange order? Usually people start with downloading Blender (and often not knowing how to work it at all) and then coming to the forum for help (like me!).
Anyway, Blender is a 3D modeller/texturer/renderer/animator/video sequencer. Do you have it yourself? Visit here if not.
If you want to become good (and I make no pretence of being so) I think the best thing to do is practise lots, use tutorials (many can be found here), use the search function on the forum and if you can’t find the answer there, ask your question under a new thread.
One word of warning - Blender’s currently in the process of having a 2.4 version released. You’ll find that many things have changed in this update, so hotkeys etc may not be exactly the same as in many forum answers or tutorials!
However, the new version contains things such as fluid simulation, realistic hairs and a much better animation system, so it’s well worth downloading the 2.40RC-1 (as it’s currently known) from http://www.blender.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=18, so you start with the new version.

Thank you for the help xarton. I have started with the 2,37a version. I couldn’t find the other. But i’ll get to that later on.

Am on my first tutorial, and it is saying that there are two ways to effect my objekt and I understand how the to modes are working. But not how to go from one of them to another. Now I can’t seem to do anything but pull in the little things on my cone. I cant move the whole thing or make it rotate or anything.

If someone could tell me the key it would be great. Maybe I’ll find out my self before someone posts, but I’ll apreciate it anyway.

Thanks all

I would also like to know how to select more than one vertex 'cuz it when I choose another the first one is being “unselected”

SHIFT+RMB will allow for multiple selections.

You can also border select with BKEY. If you hit it twice you can paint your selection.

I will move this thread to General…
Welcome to Elysiun.

whats up mozez!! LC here, just letting you know I’m new too! (Probably about as new as your are; although I’ve probably had it installed longer lol :P).

Another hint I have for anyone using with Blender is: Don’t fire it up without at least some idea of what you want to do on it.

It’s such an incredibly versatile program that you can’t just say “Well, it’s 12:30 at night. Time for some blending - Bring on the coffee!” because this will quickly become “…well. What now?”

Better to start with either “I think I’ll have a play with particles.” or “I wonder what all this Softbodies stuff is all about” - then find a tutorial or thread that interests you and follow it.

If you want some inspiration, wander over to the Weekend Challange section and think about what you would submit if you were to enter.

Draw some sketches and get into a bog trying to model them, then ask for help here. There’s always someone who’s been in the same snakepit and knows where the hidden ladder is!

Above all - play and practice. Set goals and try to achieve them. If you don’t - you won’t realise what you’ve been able to achieve!

To move press G (or you could just hold down left mouse button and make a line), rotate with R and scale with S (or hold down the left mouse button and do a sharp angle.) Take a look on these tutorial http://blender3d.org/cms/Getting_Started.246.0.html and this http://www.geocities.com/gauravnawani/tutorials/beginner/a-vase-modeling.html.

To quickly move between object mode and edit mode, press tab. You can also change mode by using the drop-down box at the bottom of 3D view.
Edit mode allows you to change the vertices, while object mode performs stuff on the object as a whole and allows you to add new objects (rather than new meshes which are part of the same object).

But if I am working on 2 figures. How do i switch from one to another. And can I enter both objekt mode and edit mode. I mean my object looks funny. I hasn’t got the verties (or what you call it). It’s stil the same shape but is looks like i can’t meddle with a vertex on it.

To switch from one object to another you go to object mode (Tab, if your in edit mode, if you see dots or vertices that we call 'em) and rightclick the other object. If you want to be able to edit both at the same time you have to mark both (Rightclick+Shift) and press CTRL+J. I ain’t sure what you mean but if you mean how to edit a mesh (Object with vertices) go to edit mode with TAB, rightclick a vertice and press G to move it.

Hey all. I’ve been working on a man for some time today.


That is where i have gotten to. This is such a great programme an I’m beginning to think it will take up a lot of my spare time. Thank you all for getting me started.

The posibilities seem endless.


It really is great and it take much of my spare time to. Takes some time to learn but when you learnt it it’s becoming really fun to create 3D.

I recommend you see the video tutorials, they gave me a tremendious boost with using blender, especially the ones about the interface and using the basic functions. You can get them at this link:


Here is a page with links to video tutorials https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31669.