what is Blender's vertices limit?

hi all

i just make an attempt to import an obj model i made in zbrush into Blender. its vertice count is somewhat 1million700. but it turned out that Blender could not handle the import n crashed

then i took the obj model n made another attempt into Maya. Maya just took in fine

does anyone try to this kind of attempt before with blender, what was your vertice count? n is there vertice count limit in Blender?


I’ve taken heavier stuff in… but the importers are run through python in blender…and obj is an ascii format… maybe you ran out of memory or something?

there’s no vertexlimit… it’s just what your system can handle…

maybe you could break the model into pieces and then join them back up in blender… I’m sure that even if you can’t import it in one go it’d be fine in pieces…


One of the points of ZBrush is to not having to export out multi million poly models into other modelling programs. A lower poly model with normal/displacement maps can give the similar effect.


Breaking the model isn’t a great idea,it can change vertex order(even if Importing the high res doesn’t make much sense)
1.7 millions can be imported,use a LAA build,a linux build or a win 64 build and
wait,maybe 5 or 10 minutes,or more,it depend on the system.
With 2 giga of ramI think you can do it,with less I don’t know.

Lower the resolution and export a UV map along with a normal and displacement map.

nah, cant be my memory shortage, i got more than enough of them in my rig…maybe Blender needs some luck to take in this kind of heavy stuff.

So what is your rig, let’s see some specs?

If you’re having trouble using blender at these high polys I’d suggests you use Maya if that imports ok. Use the tools that gets the job you want done.


I’d just suggest he learns the correct workflows.

Zbrush was never meant to export it’s multu-million polygon models, it was meant as a normal map/ texture painting tool.

It’s like creating a million polygon model in blender using the sculpt tool and then trying to rig and animatiing it in the viewport. It’s just not going to work, if your rendering, then save out a fairly decent sized model (100,000k if the silhoute is important) then take that normal map and a bump map and use in in the materials.

It really isn’t too hard to learn either, you’ll save time, frustation and above all else you’ll have learnt something new, which can speed up workflow and can be used in alot of situations (normal maps for game characters etc).

Also you don’t even need to unwrap any of the UV’s just auto-project them and they will get exported.


Use Decimate master and take it down to 500k polys in zbrush. It will retain most of the details and won’t cause issues in blender.

Retopo the mesh in Zbrush, then pop them into XNormal (it’s free) for your baking (which is what I assume you’re doing). That’s what it’s made for.