What is BTW?

Hi, I still dont know what is that “BTW”.

Google it.

dont understand but doesnt matter

There is a site called www.google.com . If you go there and type your question it will be answered. It’s a really good site.


btw - By The Way

sometimes also used for the word between

bigdad: I know that amazing site called google:eek:, but still dont understand that word, dont matter
(if uncle google should solve all questions of people, where will be people-to-people communication???world will be then boring:no:)

Don’t be so rude, so when you ask for a question about something you don’t know, the answer you should receive is “search it on google”?
C’mon, it’s a forum, a lot of us are not native english speakers, maybe this post will help someone to know the answer the next time, if there is no questions, there is no results in google either hehe

I like this site Richard : http://www.abbreviations.com/



For questions like this, bigbad’s answer is definitely the correct one. You type ‘btw’ into google and you’ll have the answer within seconds.

Just because you can ask such a question on a forum, doesn’t mean you should. You are allowed to use common sense.

I use this site

lls I actually laughed.

No but here I actually have a site that will tell you all about it

BTW stands for “by the way.” In English this is a way of introducing something from a different topic into the current discussion.

By the way, I’m sorry some people are assholes.

the time you guys spent trying to make him look silly you could’ve just answered his question or you coul’ve just not answered him if you thought the question was so ‘NOOBISH.’

Google are we people. Learn how to use google and you won’t be so confused. Now, get back to Blender and model me a yellow duck.:RocknRoll:

What is GIYF?

Here… Now go study.

@(jay) Give it your finger? :slight_smile:

There used to be a forum game called “guess the initials” or something. This was educational.

wow, that is a seriously amusing site :smiley:

Belasting toegevoegde waarde. It’s the tax that governments impose on the sale of certain products or services.

Like many laguages English has many idioms. An idiom is usually two or more words put together that mean something different as a group (phrase) than they do individually. So this is why as an ESL (Elngish as a Second laguage) user you would not understand and why just using google would not work - exactly.

At the end of the first page of entries - song titles and so on - I found this:

Idioms are listed at the end of the definition in a dictionary.

By the way, is found in the definition of the word Way. along with other idioms.

by the way has a few usages along with introducing a new subject.

“That is not correct BTW” (in case you did not know) or (incidentally) as one example.

It also often implies (oh, before I forget) as in “Oh, by the way, did you remember to…” Of course this could fall under introduction of a subject but its usage is often very specific in this way.

Words can develop new meaning based on common usage. And this is how idioms evolve and change over time.