what is bump,UVmapping?

sorry i know this is very basic question

but please any 1 tell me

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Well, I’m very bad at UV mapping, I don’t even know how to do it…properly.

However, I think to describe bump-UV mapping, you think of it as two steps.

  1. UV mapping is like getting a 3D model and flattening it out into a 2D model. Imagine cutting a 3D cube and flattening it out into a 2D model. You then get a export this 2D model into a paint program and paint over it, in effect, what you paint on the 2D model becomes the texture of the 3D model when you import it back into Blender.


  1. Textures are just like painting as described above. It is flat on the 3D model. Bump mapping however, utilise this painted texture and basically displace the 3D meshe’s normal, resulting in a deformation of 3D mesh to make the final rendered picture look realistics, having bumps and lumps where ever the texture has bumps and lumps.

Putting it together bump mapping and UV mapping makes textures appear to be actual modelling, as if painted furs have bumps (hence bump-UV mapping). If you learned displacement mapping, you’ll see that Displacement mapping does both bump mapping and UV mapping in 1 step.

That wasn’t too good an explanation and I think the Monkeys out there will explain it better than me :smiley:


thanks for your answer, u hav type lots of things, i m pretty tired recently,bcause of final exam,and dont hav any energy to read long artical(i m taiwanese and english isnt pretty good) but thank you, maybe latter days , when i hav stranth, when i feel better in studing, i ll "analysis"your answer by dictionary,

anyway thank you :slight_smile:

Hey have you ever used Googles translation tool - It may get you some way


uh… thanks for that,

actually,i already hav lots of helping tools, but reading english still troubles me, but that doesnt matter, cause i think i ll get better latter days , i m still geting use to it.

i hav a disquisition at the end of this year, for the first time of my college life,i want to make it perfect and unique,so thats why i learn blender, i ll make my cool ideas become animation, and show it on that day!

thanks :slight_smile: